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Maintenance of industrial magnets
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Maintenance of industrial magnets

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-28      Origin: Site

Industrial magnets are different from ordinary magnets. They have a high degree of magnetization and often have very large industrial magnets, such as lifting device magnets, chucks, carriers, etc. These magnets can withstand extremely arduous working pressure after being manufactured. In order to ensure a longer service life and reduce the loss of the original suction strength to achieve a better use effect, proper maintenance should be paid attention to.

As industrial magnets, there are various types of magnet materials, such as neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt magnets, ceramic magnets and alnico magnets. At present, the highest performance magnets are rare earth magnets. Among the rare earth magnets, neodymium iron boron is the most powerful magnet. But in an environment above 200 degrees Celsius, samarium cobalt is the strongest magnet.

In order to protect industrial magnets from demagnetization and weakening, please avoid the following points:

Physical damage

Although most industrial magnet manufacturers consider their durability and longevity when manufacturing, there is still the possibility of physical damage. If it hits, the magnet will collide with other devices, causing damage. Incorrect use and wrong use can also damage the magnet. If the internal workings of the magnet are damaged due to physical damage, the effectiveness of the magnet may decrease.

Temperature changes

Industrial electromagnets are very sensitive to temperature changes. The maximum operating temperature of industrial magnets depends on the type and brand of magnets. When exposed to a magnet that exceeds its limit temperature, its strength may be temporarily or even permanently weakened. If the magnet suffers permanent damage due to high temperature, then it must be considered to re-magnetize to restore it to its original state.


In addition to temperature, another hazard of industrial magnets is moisture. It can penetrate into its overall framework and weaken over time. To prevent the magnet from becoming weak, make sure it is sealed and waterproof.

External environment

Industrial electromagnets may be demagnetized due to environmental changes. The use environment of the magnet requires flame-proof, dust-proof, and avoid strong electromagnetic fields. These environments will cause the magnet to demagnetize. It should also be noted that the distance between industrial magnets should not be too close, especially magnets with excessive reaction force, which may cause demagnetization.

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