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Disc Neodymium Magnet with Mark
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Disc Neodymium Magnet with Mark

Package industry, Jewelry, shoes, clothes, leather sheath,handbag,phone case, Electronic products case, suitcase, keyboard, watch, machine, wallet, computer bag, led industry, magnetic phone holder, poster board,door lock
1. Be careful fragile and clip hand.
2. Placed in a dry place, stored at room temperature!
3. Careful draw them, close each other slowly and gently when connecting two magnets. Hard crushing cause magnet damage and cracks. 4. Not allowed Children play with naked neodymium magnet.
Type of coating:
  • BWND

  • BMAG

  • 8505111000

Product Description

Disc Neodymium Magnet with Mark

Also known as the NdFeB magnet, the Neodymium magnet is a teband crystal composed of Neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B).

In 1982 sumitomo Special Metal satoshi Sagawa discovered neodymium magnets.

The magnetic energy product (BHmax) of this magnet was greater than that of a samarium cobalt magnet, the largest mass in the world at that time.

Later, Sumitomo specialty metals developed powder metallurgy process, and General Motors developed the Melt-spinning process, which produced Ndfeb magnets.

This type of magnet is now the second most permanent magnet after the absolute holmium magnet and is the most commonly used rare earth magnet.

Ndfeb magnets are widely used in electronics such as hard drives, mobile phones, earphones and battery-powered tools.

In order to avoid corrosion damage, it is necessary to protect the surface of permanent magnetic materials, such as electroplating with gold, nickel, zinc and tin, and spraying epoxy resin on the surface.

There are two kinds of bonded ndFeb: sintered NdFeb and bonded NdFEB. Bonded NdFEB are magnetic in all directions and corrosion-resistant.

The sintered NdFeb is easy to corrode and the surface needs to be coated with zinc, nickel, environmental zinc, environmental nickel, nickel copper nickel, environmental nickel copper nickel and so on.

And sintered NdFeb general axial and radial magnetization, according to the need to determine the working face.

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Magnetic direction

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