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Office Magnets

Office magnets is assembled with plastic and magnet, it can be used as gift and used in office, home and others, a good choice to post it onto whiteboard for office decoration for advertising.

Memo magnet: Memo magnet button, magnet holder, memo magnet.

Application: Stick the memo paper or other paper on the board which the front-side is painted-steel, or on the appearance of fridge or other surface can attract the magnet, etc.


1. Stick on the fridge or anywhere with iron sheet surface.

2. Decoration or to hold notes in office or home.

Material: Plastic/transparent plastic + ceramic/ferrite magnet.


* Good choice for posting memos and notepads, it works on all the metel surface.

* It is popular in class and office.

Magnetic name badge holder: One ABS encased plate with 2 or 3 round magnets and one steel plate with pressure-sensitive foam tape, magnetic name badge will not harm your clothing and skin in any way.

It is easy to use: Simply place the magnet attachment under your clothing and your ID badge stays in place.

The magnets will not weaken, so the magnetic name badge (name badge magnet) can be used over and over again.

We can also customize magnetic name badge (name badge magnet) according to customers' size requirement.

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