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We specialize in: Sintered NdFeB Magnets, Bonded NdFeB Magnets, Alnico Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Ferrite Magnets,
Rubber Magnets, Neocube, Magnetic Toys and some magnetic machineries and assembly.
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Magnetic System

Magnetic system are made from different kinds permanent magnets and metal pot. Special magnetic circuit make it have super strong magnetic force, many times stronger than the single strong magnet. 

Pot magnet has a particular magnetic circuit that can concentrate or insulate magnetic power at a target space around the magnetic assembly. 

1. Materials: Permanent magnets(ferrite, alnico, NdFeB) and metal or steel. 

2. Application: Pot magnets hold things you need to keep within easy reach. Such as in jobber vans, workshops, auto repair and service stations, or even in the warehouse. 

3. Available in different forms and shapes, which are finished in white, black, gray, Nickel or Zinc coating, or rubber covered.

Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co. Ltd. is a professional and high-tech company which is committed to research, manufacture and develop of Rare Earth Magnet since 2000 located in Ningbo, China.

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