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  • N42 magnet is a powerful permanent magnet, which is composed of materials such as rare earth metal and turnite. With its high magnetic field strength, good stability and small temperature coefficient, it is widely used in medical technology, energy and environmental protection, industrial automation, research and scientific experiments and other fields.


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  • As a professional manufacturer of n52 arc magnet in China, Bestway Magnet will introduce you to what you need to know about n52 arc magnet and help you choose the right n52 arc magnet.


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  • The manufacturing of neodymium magnets (also known as NdFeB) must follow dozens of process steps very precisely, which is the chemical symbol of neodymium, iron and boron.Here we provide a detailed description of the various processes involved in the production of neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets.


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  • What are neodymium arc magnets?Neodymium arc magnets are a permanent magnetic material composed of neodymium, iron and boron, also known as NdFeB magnets. They have very strong magnetic capabilities and are among the strongest permanent magnet materials currently available for commercial application


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  • There are many factors to consider when exploring custom magnetic components, and corrosion resistance is one of the key factors you just considered, so take a look at our breakdown of the corrosion resistance of each magnetic material.


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  • There are many surface treatments of NdFeb magnets. The following introduces several common neodymium magnet coatings for your reference. hope to help you.


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  • Many friends who often contact with magnets worry about the impact of magnets on mobile phones. Can a magnet ruin a cell phone?1. The answer is YES. It is very harmful to cell phone. For example, the screen of mobile phone, loudspeaker, earpiece, microphone degaussing, electronic components magnetiz


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  • GRS certification is a global recycling standard. It covers renewable material content, production and marketing chain of supervision, social responsibility human rights system, environmental management system and chemical management system projects.


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