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  • What Is Pull Force?Pull force, also known as magnetic pull, is a measure of the magnetic field strength of a magnet. How much weight can a magnet can exert on objects made of ferromagnetic materials (such as iron, nickel or cobalt). The pull force of a magnet is determined by its magnetic field stre


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  • For single-sided magnets and double-sided magnets, many people may still be a little confused. Now the magnet let me tell you about the single-sided magnet and double-sided magnet in the end how to distinguish.


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  • The maglev train explores a personalized and intelligent mode of transportation. The track does not touch the vehicle. It not only runs at a very fast speed, which can exceed 500 km/h, but also has no noise and does not emit harmful waste gas, which is conducive to environmental protection.


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  • The magnetic rack is composed of several 22mm magnetic rods. It is mainly used to remove the iron impurities in the hopper, feed chute and floor space.


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  • Neodymium magnet, also known as neodymium iron boron powerful magnet (rare earth magnet), today's question is what is the temperature at which neodymium magnet loses its magnetism? What is the temperature at which magnetism completely disappears?


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  • The most widely used NdFeb magnet in practical application is NdFeb magnet, which has good performance. Today, we introduce the daily precautions of powerful magnet.


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  • When ordinary water with a certain flow rate, along the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field line, through a certain strength of the magnetic field, water cut the magnetic field line, ordinary water will become magnetized water.


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  • Neodymium magnets are classified according to their maximum energy product, which is a measurement of the magnetic field strength and flux density. The most significant difference between N35 and N52 neodymium magnets is their magnetic strength.


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