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  • The advantages of radially magnetized ring in motors

    Radial ring magnet, the magnetic pole direction is radial from the center to the surrounding. Its magnetic pole position and number of magnetic pole pairs depend on the magnetizing method. There are also many magnetizing methods. According to the magnetizing method, it can be divided into unipolar magnets, multi-stage magnets, direct impulse magnets, and oblique magnets. The number of magnetizing poles and the angle of oblique charging are determined by the final magnetizing fixture.

  • How to get super strong disc magnets apart?

    As far as magnetic materials are concerned, strong magnetic neodymium disc magnet products will become non-magnetic after reaching a certain high temperature. Generally, magnetic materials have a maximum temperature value Tc. Above this temperature, strong magnets will move violently under high temperature conditions, and there is no order in the placement of atomic magnetic moments. Below this temperature, the atomic magnetic moments are placed neatly and regularly, spontaneous magnetization occurs, and the object becomes a magnetic iron material.

  • Magnetic Welding Holder

    Welding magnets are tools used to assist in welding metals. The electromagnetic welding bracket is used to fix the iron material sheet to facilitate the alignment of the spot welding position, without the need to hold the workpiece by hand, so that the welding operation can be carried out safely. The magnetic welding fixture is fast and accurate. It is an ideal auxiliary tool for welding work. The magnetic force has a wide adsorption surface, is light and convenient to use, and greatly improves efficiency. Various specifications of products can be customized according to customer use or requirements.

  • Manufacturing technology of high-performance magnets

    Permanent magnets start from being used in various home appliances and computers and are expanded to automobiles and industrial motors. High-Performance Magnets Magnets have good performance and strong suction force. After smelting and sintering the rare earth with absolute high performance above N45, they are molded by a press and then sliced by a slicer.

  • Can mobile phones and cards be put together?

    We often hear people say not to put mobile phones with ID cards and bank cards together, otherwise it will be demagnetized. So can the mobile phone really degauss the ID card? Will magnets affect mobile phones?

  • Ferrite Magnets - Magnets For Wave Filter

    The filter is a filter circuit composed of capacitors, inductors and resistors. The filter can effectively filter out the frequency point of a specific frequency in the power line or the frequency other than the frequency point to obtain a power signal of a specific frequency, or eliminate a power signal of a specific frequency.

  • Where do rare earth magnets come from?

    Do you know how the powerful NdFeB magnet is made? It needs to pulverize the alloy containing the necessary materials into particles, gather these particles to form, and then sinter them. Then cut to the required size to complete. This process always feels like making a cake.High-performance aero-engines require high technical support, and the requirements for raw materials are also very high. The performance of raw materials directly determines the performance of the engine. The operation process of an aero engine is more complicated. Will produce very high temperature, so engine parts must be high temperature resistant. The difficulty of this technology is also very demanding. The creation of these alloys requires a lot of rare earth metals as raw materials. As a high-temperature resistant rare earth metal, cobalt is an important raw material for the production of heat-resistant alloys, hard alloys, anti-corrosion alloys, magnetic alloys and various cobalt salts.

  • The permanent magnet traction system

    High-speed new energy vehicles have been in a state of high-speed operation. The speed of its permanent magnet synchronous motor can even reach 12,000 rpm, which requires the high-temperature adaptability of the vehicle motor. It is the optimization of rare earth permanent magnet materials that makes the motor have good heat resistance. The same high-performance rare earth materials also provide the necessary conditions for permanent magnet traction systems to be applied to high-speed rail. Permanent magnets that can withstand high and low temperatures are also the top priority.

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