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  • How to storage and transport magnets?

    Strong magnets have spontaneous magnetization. Therefore, you must pay special attention when storing and transporting strong magnets. Next, we will introduce how to store common permanent magnets. Avoid corrosion and oxidation,unmagnetized and unplated products can be properly oiled to prevent rust and corrosion.Pay attention to the environment,avoid high temperature.

  • What external factors will affect the tensile strength of the magnet?

    What external factors will affect the tensile strength of the magnet?
    The material of the attracted object
    Relative contact area
    Surface condition and finish
    The influence of magnet attraction and distance
    Operating temperature

  • The effect of temperature on neodymium magnets

    One of the important parameters of permanent magnet materials is the stability of magnetism, which mainly refers to the influence of internal and external factors on the magnetic properties of permanent magnet materials after magnetization: temperature, time, chemical corrosion, mechanical vibration and shock, radiation, etc. The most significant impact on the stability of neodymium permanent magnet materials. The three parameters to measure magnetic performance are: remanence, coercivity, and maximum magnetic product energy. First, let's understand the concept of related parameters.

  • How to get super strong disc magnets apart?

    As far as magnetic materials are concerned, strong magnetic neodymium disc magnet products will become non-magnetic after reaching a certain high temperature. Generally, magnetic materials have a maximum temperature value Tc. Above this temperature, strong magnets will move violently under high temperature conditions, and there is no order in the placement of atomic magnetic moments. Below this temperature, the atomic magnetic moments are placed neatly and regularly, spontaneous magnetization occurs, and the object becomes a magnetic iron material.

  • Rare earth permanent magnets for motors

    When high-temperature stability is required, Sm–Co is the material of choice, and Sm–Fe–N magnets are entering some special applications. The scope of improvement of these basic materials through substitution has been quite comprehensively explored, and the influence of processing technology on the microstructure and hysteresis has been widely understood. A big idea a generation ago was the exchange-spring hard/soft nanocomposite magnet with directional potential, which has the real potential to greatly improve record-breaking energy products. However, this has proved difficult to achieve.

  • How does an electromagnetic switch work?

    The electromagnetic switch means that it is induced by a magnet. There are several types of magnets. Commonly used magnets in the market include rubber magnets, permanent magnet ferrites, and sintered neodymium iron boron. Most electromagnetic switches share the same design. When a small amount of current flows through the metal coil, the metal coil is used to generate a stable and predictable magnetic field. This turns the coil into a fine-tuned electromagnet. Inside the coil, the electromagnetic switch has a magnetic metal rod, which is firmly fixed, but loose enough to slide back and forth in the coil. When the coil is energized, the magnetic field drives the magnet rod to one end of the coil.

  • The advantages of radially magnetized ring in motors

    Radial ring magnet, the magnetic pole direction is radial from the center to the surrounding. Its magnetic pole position and number of magnetic pole pairs depend on the magnetizing method. There are also many magnetizing methods. According to the magnetizing method, it can be divided into unipolar magnets, multi-stage magnets, direct impulse magnets, and oblique magnets. The number of magnetizing poles and the angle of oblique charging are determined by the final magnetizing fixture.

  • Why can't magnets be adsorbed on some metal surfaces?

    The premise that a magnet can be adsorbed on a metal surface is that the metal can be "magnetized".Some doors and windows in life can be adsorbed and some cannot be adsorbed, depending on whether the alloy contains ferromagnetic substances.

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