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  • Under the same circumstances and with the same type of magnet with the same diameter, the thicker the magnet, the more magnetic it will be. However, the magnetic force does not increase indefinitely when the thickness of the magnet is increased, but when the thickness of the magnet reaches a certain


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  • The ring magnets are very versatile and are commonly used in scientific experiments, as well as in magnetic levitation, motors, electroacoustics, salvage, medicine, instrumentation, craft jewellery, leather handbags, packaging boxes, toys, etc.The Ring Magnet For Electrical MachineryThe performance


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  • The macroscopic inhomogeneity of the external magnetic field of the permanent magnet is closely related to the spatial distance and the shape design of the permanent magnet. Permanent magnet technology such as powder particles, degree of orientation, sintering and solidification, mechanical processi


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  • In order to protect industrial magnets from demagnetization and weakening, please avoid the following points: Physical damage, Temperature changes, Moisture, External environment...


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  • Where can I get neodymium magnets?Find Neodymium magnets at the store,Find Neodymium magnets at home,Find Neodymium magnets online,Custom shaped neodymium magnets by neodymium magnets factory...


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  • How to find a good China's magnet manufacturer or factory, and how to import good quality magnet from China?[2021], the Complete Guide.


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  • How to carry flat and large materials? How to easily pick up the iron nails scattered on the ground? The tool you must understand-magnetic lifter, helps you solve your worries. What is a permanent magnetic lifter?How to use a permanent magnetic lifter?The structure and principle of permanent magnetic lifter, this article will tell you.


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  • Welding magnets are tools used to assist in welding metals. The electromagnetic welding bracket is used to fix the iron material sheet to facilitate the alignment of the spot welding position, without the need to hold the workpiece by hand, so that the welding operation can be carried out safely. The magnetic welding fixture is fast and accurate. It is an ideal auxiliary tool for welding work. The magnetic force has a wide adsorption surface, is light and convenient to use, and greatly improves efficiency. Various specifications of products can be customized according to customer use or requirements.


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