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  • NdFeB permanent magnet materials are widely used in various fields due to their high energy density, high coercivity and good magnetic properties. As an important rare earth magnetic material, the transportation safety of NdFeB has attracted much attention.


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  • Introduction:As a leading manufacturer specializing in neodymium iron magnets, we understand the common belief among customers that stronger magnetism is always preferable when purchasing magnets.


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  • Did you know that Neodymium or NdFeB is the strongest permanent magnet you can ever find on the market? In this post, we explore the benefits and application of NdFeb magnet in the automobile motors industry and its significance in the electric vehicles manufacturing sector.


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  • Learn more about Are there any precautions for magnets in international transportation?, visit this website. click here.


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  • Does your industry deal in magnetic parts, and you are wondering which permanent magnet to go for? This comprehensive comparison of Neodymium vs ferrite magnets will guide you in making the right and informed decision.This post highlights the unique composition of neodymium and ferrite magnets.


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  • With the continuous progress of science and technology, sensors are more and more widely used in all walks of life, and magnets, as a common material, also play an important role in sensors, today's article takes you to understand what type of sensors to use magnets.


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  • In modern industrial production, magnets are used more and more widely, and the quality of their coating directly affects the performance and life of the product. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to detect the quality of magnet coatings.


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  • Neodymium magnets, renowned for their remarkable strength and versatility, come in various types tailored to specific applications. As the most powerful type of permanent magnet available commercially, neodymium magnets play a crucial role in numerous industries.


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