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  • The establishment of China Rare Earth Group is the inevitable requirement of conforming to the law of the historical development of the rare earth industry, the urgent need of the green development and transformation of the rare earth industry, and the objective need of the high-quality development of the rare earth industry.


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  • This article describes the basic information and purchase method of permanent neodymium, including its strong reason, how long it can be used and basic characteristics, etc. Click the link to view the relevant information.


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  • Under the surge in domestic and international demands and implementation of national policies of the magnet, Since September, the rare earth magnet sector has fluctuated greatly, The mainstream transaction price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide rose to 880,000/ton this week.


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  • Neodymium permanent magnets are very magnetic. Please note the following precautions for the safe use of NdFeB magnets. If used incorrectly, the neodymium magnets may cause accidents or lose their original properties.


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  • Under the same circumstances and with the same type of magnet with the same diameter, the thicker the magnet, the more magnetic it will be. However, the magnetic force does not increase indefinitely when the thickness of the magnet is increased, but when the thickness of the magnet reaches a certain


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  • The ring magnets are very versatile and are commonly used in scientific experiments, as well as in magnetic levitation, motors, electroacoustics, salvage, medicine, instrumentation, craft jewellery, leather handbags, packaging boxes, toys, etc.The Ring Magnet For Electrical MachineryThe performance


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  • The macroscopic inhomogeneity of the external magnetic field of the permanent magnet is closely related to the spatial distance and the shape design of the permanent magnet. Permanent magnet technology such as powder particles, degree of orientation, sintering and solidification, mechanical processi


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  • In order to protect industrial magnets from demagnetization and weakening, please avoid the following points: Physical damage, Temperature changes, Moisture, External environment...


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