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  • When ordinary water with a certain flow rate, along the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field line, through a certain strength of the magnetic field, water cut the magnetic field line, ordinary water will become magnetized water.


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  • Neodymium magnets are classified according to their maximum energy product, which is a measurement of the magnetic field strength and flux density. The most significant difference between N35 and N52 neodymium magnets is their magnetic strength.


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  • Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and versatile models in the industry, suitable for the separation of substances with magnetic difference. This article introduces the structural characteristics, application scope and how to choose magnets of the magnetic separator.


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  • Compared with AC asynchronous motor and DC motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor unit power consumption is small, unit power volume is small and light, can save more power, and save more space to install other equipment. Therefore, permanent magnet synchronous motor is simply tailor-made for Electric bikes.


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  • This blog provides a list of the top neodymium magnet manufacturers and suppliers in the world. We hope it will help you find neodymium magnet companies that can design, engineer and manufacture NdFeB magnets to your company's needs.


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  • The inaugural meeting of China National Mineral Resources Group Co., LTD was held in Beijing. As the youngest state-owned enterprise, the establishment of China Mineral Resources Group is of great significance, which will enhance the global voice and competitiveness of China's steel industry. This will also affect the future of the magnet industry.


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  • When selecting NdFeB magnets, many people have no idea how to buy the right neodymium magnets since there are many grades of NdFeB magnets out there. Therefore, some tips are listed below to help you make a better choice.


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  • In the statistics of rare earth resources, the data converted by rare earth oxide is relatively accurate. Turkey's 694million tons of rare earth resources should obviously not be converted by rare earth oxides.


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