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How to get super strong disc magnets apart?
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How to get super strong disc magnets apart?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-05      Origin: Site

Manually separate small neodymium disc magnets

If it is a small neodymium permanent disc magnets with not very strong magnetic force, you can try to cut a hard plastic card into the gap. Two better ones. Only the material that can be attached to the magnet can cut off the magnetic field, and the thicker the material, the magnetic isolation The better the effect.

It is dozens of times easier to separate the magnets and move them in parallel than to pull them directly. Fix a neodymium permanent disc magnet and push the other disc magnet along the joint surface of the two magnets. When moving a certain distance away, the magnetic attraction will be greatly reduced. Add more force to be able to separate.

There is another way to put the two magnets attracted together in a magnetic field opposite to the NS poles of the two magnets. For example, the magnetic field strength of the reverse magnetic field is close to the magnetic field strength of the two magnets. , The magnetic force of the two magnets in the magnetic field is close to zero, so they can be separated without much effort.

Use tools to separate strong neodymium disc magnets

If it is a large super strong magnet, it is difficult to separate it manually. If you want to separate it forcefully, even if you fix the neodymium permanent disc magnet on one side, use external force to smash the neodymium disc magnet on one side. Generally, the magnet will not be broken. Separate from where it is sucked. Generally, the separation is carried out through professional separation tools.

How to get super strong disc magnets apart?

Fix the attracting neodymium disc magnet on the separation tool, make sure that the separation position is flush with the cut surface, and then slowly cut off a magnet, first remove the neodymium disc magnet stuck on the tool, and then remove the cut magnet. Pay attention to the position of your hands during the whole process, and be careful to pinch your hands due to the suction of the high-strength magnet.

When the neodymium disc magnet is too strong to be separated by a tool

As far as magnetic materials are concerned, strong magnetic neodymium disc magnet products will become non-magnetic after reaching a certain high temperature. Generally, magnetic materials have a maximum temperature value Tc. Above this temperature, strong magnets will move violently under high temperature conditions, and there is no order in the placement of atomic magnetic moments. Below this temperature, the atomic magnetic moments are placed neatly and regularly, spontaneous magnetization occurs, and the object becomes a magnetic iron material.

For all magnetic materials, they are not magnetic at any temperature. Generally, magnetic materials have a critical temperature Tc. Above this temperature, due to the intense thermal motion of atoms at high temperatures, the arrangement of the atomic magnetic moments is chaotic. Below this temperature, the atomic magnetic moments are aligned, spontaneous magnetization occurs, and the object becomes ferromagnetic.

Using this feature, people have developed many control components. For example, the rice cooker we use takes advantage of the Curie point of magnetic materials. A neodymium disc magnet and a magnetic material with a Curie point of 105 degrees are installed in the center of the bottom of the rice cooker. When the water in the pot dries, the temperature of the food will rise from 100 degrees. When the temperature reaches about 105 degrees, because the magnetism of the magnetic material attracted by the neodymium disc magnet disappears, the neodymium disc magnets loses its attraction to it. At this time, the spring between the neodymium disc magnets and the magnetic material will separate them and drive the power switch to be turned off. Turn on to stop heating.

So when the external force cannot be separated, if there is no separation tool, you can actually put it in the fire for a while. This will cause a demagnetization phenomenon, and then it will be easy to separate. High temperature demagnetization will not damage the magnet, but when you need to use it It can be re-magnetized to saturation.

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