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neodymium permanent magnet

neodymium permanent magnet
  • The Matters Need Attention of Using Neodymium Permanent Magnet


    Neodymium permanent magnets are very magnetic. Please note the following precautions for the safe use of NdFeB magnets. If used incorrectly, the neodymium magnets may cause accidents or lose their original properties. Read More
  • The effect of temperature on neodymium magnets


    One of the important parameters of permanent magnet materials is the stability of magnetism, which mainly refers to the influence of internal and external factors on the magnetic properties of permanent magnet materials after magnetization: temperature, time, chemical corrosion, mechanical vibration and shock, radiation, etc. The most significant impact on the stability of neodymium permanent magnet materials. The three parameters to measure magnetic performance are: remanence, coercivity, and maximum magnetic product energy. First, let's understand the concept of related parameters. Read More
  • Application of neodymium permanent magnets in mobile phones


    The application of neodymium permanent magnets in electronic products is also innovative, and magnets are also full of charm! Therefore, friends should also pay attention to the mobile phone because of these functions, it is best not to place the mobile phone in a strong magnetic environment, so as not to affect the function. Read More
  • What devices have neodymium magnets?


    The biggest application of neodymium is to make magnets with excellent performance. This kind of neodymium magnet is called neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB magnets), which is the strongest permanent magnet that has been found. This kind of magnet is extremely strong. Read More
  • What is a neodymium magnet used for ?


    Neodymium permanent magnet(NdFeb magnets), which are currently the most commercially available magnets, are known as Magnet King. They have the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetism, and are the magnets with the best performance-to-price ratio so far. Read More
  • Are Neodymium magnets dangerous?


    Neodymium magnets are widely used in life, and neodymium magnets are harmless to the human body. According to current research, magnets, especially neodymium magnets, have an impact on human systems, tissues, organs, diseases and treatment. Read More
  • Is neodymium the strongest magnet?


    Neodymium magnets are neodymium iron boron magnets, and their chemical formula is NdFeB, which is an artificial permanent magnet. This kind of magnet is a permanent magnet with magnetism second only to absolute zero degree holmium magnet, and it is also the most commonly used rare earth magnet. Read More
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