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Application of neodymium permanent magnets in mobile phones
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Application of neodymium permanent magnets in mobile phones

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-13      Origin: Site

In a mobile phone, there will be some small neodymium permanent magnets inside to realize some important functions, such as speakers, earpieces, magnetic induction wireless charging systems, etc., which require magnets.

Application of magnets in audio equipment

As we all know, sound is produced by vibration. A horn is actually a conversion device that converts electrical energy into sound. There is usually a ring neodymium magnet in mobile phone sound equipment. When different electronic energies are transmitted to the coil, the coil generates a kind of energy that interacts with the magnetic field of the neodymium permanent magnet, generating a current that follows the audio, causing the voice coil to vibrate along the axis.

This interaction causes the paper tray to vibrate. Because the electronic energy changes at any time, the coil of the horn will move forward or backward, so the paper tray of the horn will follow it. This action changes the density of the air and produces sound.

Neodymium Ring Magnet-2

Application of magnets in mobile phone sensor

Magnet sensor, when the phone is put into the dormant case, the magnet senses, the phone screen goes off, enters the standby state, press any key again, the screen will not light up!

Application of magnets in wireless charging equipment

The wireless charging of mobile phones uses low-power wireless charging technology. There are two coils on the charging board and the mobile phone. After the coils of the charging board are connected to the power supply, AC power is applied to the coils below to generate a constantly changing magnetic field. When it is placed on the charging board, the coil on the back cover of the mobile phone will induce current when the magnetic field changes, and then convert the current into direct current, so that the mobile phone battery can be charged.

And Sintered NdFeB Magnets are also used in magnetic wireless charging. Magnetic wireless charging is based on magnetic attraction to attract the device to the correct position. The mobile phone can automatically align to the best charging area on the wireless charger, reducing alignment steps.

wireless charging

Anyone who has used ordinary wireless charging knows that every time you charge, you need to move your phone repeatedly and find the correct location to start charging, so it is very important to place an accurate location. Occasionally touching the mobile phone accidentally causes the mobile phone to shift. If it is not aimed at the charging area, it will not be able to charge, which will cause a lot of trouble invisibly.

The magnetic wireless charger guides your mobile phone to the charging area automatically through the magnet, so there is no need to worry about alignment.

Get rid of the annoying plugging and unplugging of the data cable. Imagine this: you are working hard on Monday, and the work at hand is the focus of your attention. At this time, you will not hold your phone all the time, but occasionally pick up your phone to check information and answer calls.

At this point, the disadvantages of wired charging are obvious:

The operation is cumbersome. When you operate your mobile phone occasionally, you need to unplug the data cable and plug it back in after use. You may need to plug and unplug the data cable dozens of times back and forth, which is cumbersome and easy to damage the charging port.

Forget about charging the phone. Think about whether this happens. When you finish using your mobile phone, continue to devote yourself to selfless work. When you get off work, you only find out that after using your mobile phone before, you no longer connect your mobile phone to the data cable, resulting in insufficient battery power and insecure outdoors.

The magnetic wireless charging can just solve the above tiny but annoying pain points.

The application of neodymium permanent magnets in electronic products is also innovative, and magnets are also full of charm! Therefore, friends should also pay attention to the mobile phone because of these functions, it is best not to place the mobile phone in a strong magnetic environment, so as not to affect the function.

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