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What is a permanent magnetic lifter?
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What is a permanent magnetic lifter?

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What is a permanent magnetic lifter?

Permanent magnetic lifter also named Manual lifting permanent magnet. Magnetic lifter is a tool that uses the principle of magnetic circuit to carry iron materials. The permanent magnetic lifter is provided with a switch, which controls whether the working pole surface at the bottom of the permanent magnetic lifter is magnetic to iron materials. Then control the handling and unloading of iron workpieces. The use of permanent magnetic lifters avoids the time of binding materials, saves labor costs, and realizes fast handling. Especially for large workpieces, only one operator can easily move them. Unlike binding and slings, magnetic lifters can handle finished parts without leaving any scratches.

Permanent magnet lifters mainly used to lift steel plates and round steel, and flat mechanical parts. Because the permanent magnet lift is light in weight, easy to operate and powerful in suction, the magnetic lifter is widely used in shipbuilding, storage, transportation, machinery manufacturing, etc. Permanent magnet lifters are widely used as lifting tools in factory docks, shipyards, processing centers and warehouses.

Magnetic Lifter

How to use a permanent magnetic lifter?

Place the permanent magnetic lifter on the material to be transported, move the handle to the "on" position, the permanent magnetic lifter will be firmly adsorbed on the material. The upper part of the magnetic lifter has a rotatable ring, which can be used to lift, hook the hook of the crane, etc. for carrying.

The permanent magnetic lifter has a strong magnetic circuit generated by a NdFeB magnet that provides permanent power. Turn the manual handle to control the opening and closing of the magnetic circuit. When the handle is not in use, it is parked in the "non-magnetic area". When it is needed, place the magnetic lifter on the material to be transported, and then press the button behind the handle while turning the handle to the other side of the "magnetic area" (similar to Manually gear the car's handbrake). If there is no material as an attracting object, turning the handle completely depends on human power, which will be very laborious at this time. The permanent magnet lifter is permanently effective under normal temperature conditions and does not require electricity. Why is this happening? You will know after understanding the structure and principle of the permanent magnetic lifter.

The structure and principle of permanent magnetic lifter

The permanent magnetic lifter is made of high-performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnet materials to form a strong magnetic system inside the magnetic lifter. This is the key to attracting and transporting iron materials. The permanent magnet system is connected to the external handle, and the direction of the magnetic pole of the magnetic core is changed by turning the handle to the left and right, which affects the strength of the magnetic field of the magnetic system to hold and release.

The upper part of the permanent magnetic lifter has a hoisting ring for lifting the workpiece, and the bottom part has a V-shaped groove for sucking and holding the corresponding cylindrical object. Among them, after the handle is turned to the working state, it will be jammed by the safety bolt to prevent the handle from turning to the unloading state during the hoisting process to cause the workpiece to fall off, thereby ensuring production safety.

The magnetic field of the super permanent magnet connected to the handle will form a superimposed combined magnetic field with the permanent magnet inside the permanent magnet lifter. The position of the super permanent magnet connected to the handle is different, and the superposition effect is also different. When the permanent magnetic lifter is in the closed state, the direction of the magnetic field lines of the super permanent magnet connected to the handle and the permanent magnet inside the permanent magnet lifter is the same, and the magnetic field line is less than the working pole face of the permanent magnet lifter. The internal composition of a closed loop of the magnetic circuit. The strength of the magnetic field is weak, and there is no magnetic field line coming out from the working pole surface of the permanent magnet jack, so there is no attraction to the object. At this point, it can be uninstalled smoothly.

Magnetic lifter is off

When the handle is turned to the "ON" position, the magnetic field direction of the permanent magnet connected to the handle turns to the state opposite to the "OFF" position. At this time, the two opposite magnetic fields are superimposed. Since the lines of magnetic induction cannot cross each other, squeezing causes the magnetic field strength to increase. In other words, the reverse magnetic field produces a stronger magnetic field instead. The magnetic field lines come out from the N pole of the magnet, pass through the yoke, pass through the ferromagnetic workpiece, and then return to the yoke to enter the S pole of the magnet, 

Magnetic lifter is on

Permanent magnetic lifter size

The size of the permanent magnetic lifter varies greatly. The length of the small magnetic lifter can be less than 10cm, and it is also very convenient to carry. The maximum pulling force can reach 350kg. The super large can reach 0.8m, and the maximum tensile value can reach 18000kg. Multiple magnetic lifters can be used in combination to meet all your needs.

3 times the safety factor, safe and reliable. The 3 times safety factor means that the total weight required to pull the accessory away from the permanent magnetic lifter is usually 3 times the rated pulling force. For example: if the rated weight of the permanent magnetic lifter is 100kg, the maximum pulling force is 300kg. When the magnetic lifter has carried an iron plate weighing 100kg, if an object exceeding 200kg is added to the iron plate or a force exceeding 1960N is applied, the iron plate will fall off the magnetic lifter.

Because high-temperature permanent magnets will produce demagnetization, the permanent magnetic lifter will weaken and the pulling force value will decrease. Therefore, it is recommended that the temperature not exceed 80°C.

The magnetic elevator has the smallest external dimensions and is very compact. The recommended weight is 20 to 50 times its own weight, and the maximum tensile force is close to 6000 kg. Progressive design leads to modifications to the internal and external structure. This produces robustness and reliability that is unmatched on the market today.


Model L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) R(mm) Weight(mm) Lifting capacity(kg) Max Pull-off force(kg)


62 72 160 3 100 350
BWML-300 163 92 95 205 9 300 900
BWML-600 208 114 115 220 19 600 1800
BWML-1000 265 134 140 250 34 1000 3000
BWML-2000 442 154 166 360 82 2000 6000
BWML-3000 532 170 192 490 120 3000 9000
BWML-5000 612 233 286 720 290 5000 15000
BWML-6000 808 233 286 920 385 6000 18000

Application of permanent magnetic lifter

  • It is used for processing steel plates, blocks, round bars, die and loading and unloading on the machine. Such as thick plates, such as flat plates, blooms, old iron, square billets, double-layer billets, rolled steel strips, bundled rebars and rod coils, metals and various scrap steels.

  • Can be used for near flame cutting.

  • Can be used for mobile cranes.

  • The magnetic elevator can be used with a spreader beam that suspends multiple magnets.

  • The large magnetic lifter can powerfully help to easily carry iron plates and other objects. The small magnetic lifter also has many convenient functions. For example, it is convenient to store the nails. When the nails are scattered on the ground, you only need to use a magnetic lifter to absorb them like a vacuum cleaner, and then place it on the top of the storage box and pull the handle to close the magnetic lifter, the nails will fall in the box.

Precautions for the use of permanent magnetic lifter

In order to determine the weight that any permanent magnetic lifter can lift, the load characteristics other than weight must be considered. This statement applies to all lifting magnets because they all follow the same basic laws of physics. The magnetic force is depicted as the lines of force flowing from the north pole to the south pole. Anything that restricts the flow of these magnetic lines of force will significantly reduce the lifting capacity of the magnet.

In this permanent magnet lifter, there is a magnetic system formed of a NdFeB magnetic material with strong magnetism. It can control the magnetic switch by rotating the handle. It has the characteristics of no power consumption, small size, light weight, large clamping force, simple and safe operation, and constant magnetic field.

But neodymium magnets are easily damaged by heat, so you need to use them in a temperature-controlled environment and in materials that are not too hot.

The permanent magnetic lifter and the materials it lifts should be kept away from debris. When using a lift, a huge force pulls the lift and the ferromagnetic material together. Anything in between may be crushed, cut into the hoist or material, or even burst and be kicked out of the open space, causing safety hazards.

It is recommended to use within the rated tension range to ensure safety. Especially for whether the surface of the object being transported is smooth and flat, ensure a large enough contact area. If it is a cylinder, pick a place with a large contact area at both ends for grabbing. If the surface contact area is too small, there is a risk of falling.

Advantages of permanent magnetic lifter

Suitable for flat and round materials. Reduce the transportation cost, for thin plates, irregular shapes and objects that are not easy to bind have great advantages.

The operation method is simple and does not require personnel cooperation.

The neodymium magnetic power system is small, compact and light, with super magnetism.

No manual handling is required, which saves costs and improves safety.

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