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Magnetic Welding Holder
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Magnetic Welding Holder

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What is Welding Magnet Holder?

Welding magnets are tools used to assist in welding metals. The electromagnetic welding bracket is used to fix the iron material sheet to facilitate the alignment of the spot welding position, without the need to hold the workpiece by hand, so that the welding operation can be carried out safely. The magnetic welding fixture is fast and accurate. It is an ideal auxiliary tool for welding work. The magnetic force has a wide adsorption surface, is light and convenient to use, and greatly improves efficiency. Various specifications of products can be customized according to customer use or requirements.

The purpose of welding magnet holder:

  • Welding magnet is used for metal finishing and welding positioning of iron parts in the construction industry. It is a good helper for your welding. It is suitable for assembling and welding between plates and plates, pipes and pipes. It is easy to operate and convenient for batch welding at right angles and 45-degree angles.

  • It can also be used for iron removal filtration and mechanical equipment, hardware moulds, fixture positioning in hardware, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, building materials, tobacco, cotton spinning, food and other industries.

Welding Magnets

When to Use Welding Magnets? 

For auxiliary welding metal

If you are familiar with welding, then you must know the welding magnet holder tool. If you don’t know it yet, here is a question: How do you weld at a 90-degree angle?

If it is a square tube, you can use a machine to cut the square tube at 45 degrees to form a 90-degree welded square tube. This method is also applicable to round tubes.

Square tube cut at 45 degrees

You can also use complementary joints. For example, you can cut one end of a square tube into a square with the same width as the square tube, save one surface, cut all the other sections with an angle grinder, and cover the cross-section of the other square tube with the reserved surface, Butt connection at both ends of the pipe.


You know how to cut and align two pipes, so how to weld is very good. In addition to welding technology, there are also high requirements for the stability of splicing, especially for accessories that require high precision.

Clamping aids that can be used for welding

Welding magnet

First, we need to use a protractor or other accurate reference to determine the right angle, and then place the two metals at 90 degrees. Then, what method should be adopted to weld the two metals exactly at 90 degrees? First of all, two metal pipes should not overlap, and they should be kept at the same level for aesthetic reasons. If the butt parts of two metal pipes are cut flat, and then placed on the ground or on a workbench, it seems unrealistic to hold them by hand in order to avoid displacement during the welding process. Or fix the two pipes somewhere, which may take a lot of effort and time.

If your cutting technology is better, you can use 45-degree cutting or other cutting splicing technology to achieve. But this is time-consuming and laborious. If you change to a 30-degree or 60-degree angle, it may not be possible.

If it is for cutting the round tube that is inconvenient for disassembly or it is prone to deformation during cutting, some people will first weld the fixed point, then use the welding rod for transition, and polish after welding. Then the angle requirement for fixed-point welding is relatively high.


At this time, the welding magnet holder has played its great value. A welding magnet can keep the welding object stable, accurate and unshakable, at the position, angle and horizontal plane you have determined. And choose multiple angles.

Welding magnets have many different angles. Choose the welding angle you need and attach the metal to the welding magnet holder , which can free your hands and make the operation of welding metal easier and more stable. Especially for the welding of round pipes, the round pipe is easy to roll and not easy to be fixed, but the welding magnet can be firmly attracted.

These powerful magnet devices make it quick and easy to move and disassemble the magnet. They firmly fix the metal plate and automobile metal plate in the proper position for better cutting, tack welding, painting and other operations. The magnets are made of rare earth metals with excellent grip, and replaceable rubber pads provide friction to better handle large and heavy workpieces.

But for the welding of non-ferromagnetic metals, since magnetism does not have an adsorption effect, it has no direct effect on such materials.

Locking C-clamp

Locking C Clamp can be used for fixing metal welding and is more used for fixing joints of wood products. Locking C-Clamp clamps two parts to be fixed at the jaws. The handle part has a spring, pinch the jaws to open and loosen the jaws to clamp the parts. Therefore, the clamping range of the pliers is affected by the type of pliers, and the clamping range is limited. Locking C-clamp is very suitable for fixing objects on the panel for processing operations. If it is used for welding metal, it is generally not effective for unconventional angle welding.

Locking C-clamp can provide greater versatility when clamping various shapes. Turn the screw to adjust the pressure and suit the job. Keep adjusted for repeated use. It is a classic trigger release device. When in use, the jaws are placed on the workpiece, with one jaw on each side. There is a rotatable screw on the handle. Rotate it to bring the jaws closer and adjust the pressure. This ensures that the jaws are firmly clamped to the workpiece. After adjustment, pull the lever back to the handle. This will firmly close the jaws on the workpiece. At this point, it is best to use the screw again to adjust the pressure to ensure that the correct pressure is applied from the clamp. In this way, your workpiece is firmly fixed in the jaws, and then the workpiece can be processed.

locking C-clamp

Right Angle Clamps

Right angle clamps have adjustable rotating jaws for immediate installation. It is allowed to connect two wood blocks of different thickness at a 90-degree angle. Its advantage is that the clamping effect is very good, but it can only be clamped at a 90-degree angle. A single handle can clamp two parts at the same time. It is very suitable for wood processing, so you can free your hands to connect two pieces of wood with glue or hardware.

The right angle clamps of an L-shaped mandrel, which is pushed to the L-shaped frame by a handle mounted on the main shaft. The clamps two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle and the two ends are completely aligned. The size and material of the right-angle fixture determine its use effect. Lightweight right-angle fixtures are suitable for light industries and cannot withstand heavy materials or metal welding.

The main shaft is a long nut connected to the handle, which passes through the mandrel and is screwed into the bolt. Tighten the clamp by turning the handle. The jaws can hold two workpieces at the same time. These clamps can also pivot on the spindle to accommodate two workpieces of different widths. And generally, the base has holes, which are convenient to install on the workbench and increase the stability of the equipment.

Right Angle Clamps

The above tools can be used to clamp metal when welding metal, but for non-right angle and non-square angle welding, welding magnets have played a huge advantage.

Used for adsorption and filtration of ferromagnetic substances

The ability of the welding magnet holder to absorb magnetic materials can be used to collect and clean up the ferromagnetic valence in liquid, powder, and granular materials. For example, removing metal dust, iron filings, and filings from various machine tool grinders; sucking workpieces from electroplating tanks; or sucking needles, nails and other small iron pieces from the ground. Especially the welding magnet holder with the switch is especially easy to use. It is energized and adsorbed. After the adsorption is completed, turn off the power, and the adsorbed material will naturally fall.

Types of welding magnets

Welding magnets are generally divided into permanent magnet welding magnet holders and iron welding holders with switches according to their use effects.

Permanent magnets contain Alnico, neodymium (NdFeB) or SmCo magnets, ensuring that you will use magnets that are strong enough to meet the needs of any application.

Welding magnets can help you free your hands, quickly and accurately determine the welding angle. The magnetic force is particularly strong at both ends, and the plane is almost non-magnetic.

The electromagnet welding fixture with switch can control the current through the switch to achieve the required adsorption force for different object sizes. When the switch is turned off, the magnetism is lost, and the welding holder can be easily removed. Iron filings and other substances can be easily removed during processing.

Welding magnets can be divided into the following types according to the angle

Multi-angle welding magnet

Multi-angle welding magnets have angles of 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees. Very suitable for metal pipes or strips for assembly welding, scribing, assembly, pipe installation, suspension applications, metal products, pipe welding, bonded parts, plane grinding and other angles.

Welding magnets

Arrow welding magnet with hole

There is a circular hole in the middle of the welding magnet, which can be easily held. It has angles of 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135 degrees.

Welding magnets

Welding magnet with switch

The switch welding magnet is attracted by the magnet on the side. The switch welding magnet is equipped with a magnetic switch to control the magnetic force of the positioner. Fixing is easier and more convenient. When the switch is ON, the welding magnet positioner is used normally. When the switch is off, the welding magnet positioner is in a suspended state.

Welding magnet with switch

Precautions for the use of welding magnets

The main function of the welding magnet is to rely on the adsorption of the magnet. Therefore, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the magnet during use.

  • The welding magnet is an auxiliary tool used to position and fix the workpiece, and should be used within the range of the welding magnet's adsorption capacity.

  • The use of welding magnets is recommended for flat welding or low-altitude fixed use. Do not absorb objects at high altitude for welding, so as to avoid safety accidents.

  • The vertical adsorption of the iron block can maximize its pulling force, and the fixation is more reliable. The adsorption force also has a great relationship with the direct contact area. The centre is at a certain angle, and the surface of the adsorbed iron block is uneven or mixed with other objects. The adsorption effect will be greatly reduced.

  • In the case of tight adsorption, the iron block needs to be moved, and the horizontal movement is more labour-saving. This method should also be used when removing the iron block. Note that magnets and iron and other metals have a large adsorption capacity, and be careful not to pinch fingers during use.

  • Magnets cannot exert their adsorption capacity for non-magnetic materials, such as austenitic stainless steel, copper, aluminium, tin, etc.

  • Magnets will demagnetize when heated at high temperatures. Do not heat the welding magnet at high temperature, which will affect the use effect of the welding magnet.

Where to buy magnetic welding holders?

First of all, you need to know what type of welding magnet you need. We recommend that the selected welding magnet holder should be chrome on both sides of the magnet, which can better transfer magnetism. Select the welding magnet model according to your required tensile force value. The rivets fixed on both sides should be high-quality sturdy rivets, so that they are resistant to falling and not easy to loosen. A welding magnet with a switch is a very useful one. For example, if you have a very thick metal plate, then you need a high-power magnet. When you need to remove the welding magnet, just flip the switch to easily remove the welding magnet. And the iron filings and other substances produced during the welding process are adsorbed on the magnet and can be easily wiped off as long as the switch is turned off.

If you don’t understand,Google can help you. If you are a retail buyer, Amazon, eBay can be easily searched. But the single price is more expensive than the welding magnet factory. For practitioners engaged in welding work, a welding magnet certainly cannot meet your needs.

The Chinese welding magnet manufacturer is one of your good choices. Chinese magnets are in a leading position in the world and are rich in rare earth resources and continuous advancement in technology, especially in manufacturing. Not only are they high in quality and low in price, but the overall cost performance is also very good. Even if you are buying your domestic brands, many of them are processed by Chinese factories. However, you paid a higher price to buy it. And the magnet manufacturer supports samples, you can try it first and then decide whether to buy it.

How to verify the Chinese welding magnet manufacturer?

If you already have a favourite magnet merchant, here are a few ways to verify them.

If you want to buy welding magnets that suit you, then you must verify that they are genuine magnet manufacturers and not counterfeit or a trading company, and have not obtained the license to manufacture any products. And it should also check whether it has an import and export license.

If it has an import and export license, then we can also find it in the database of the General Administration of Customs. All this seems troublesome, but you can ask your manufacturer to provide you with these materials, you just need to verify them.

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