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What is flexible magnet
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What is flexible magnet

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-20      Origin: Site

Flexible magnets are designed for applications that do not require much magnetic field strength. They can be twisted, coiled, bent, cut, printed, and easily adhere to metal surfaces.

How are flexible magnets made?

Ferrite flexible rubber magnets are made by mixing ferrite magnet powder or rare earth powder and a dry mixture of materials such as rubber polymer resin, calendering and grinding; and then magnetically forming by extrusion or roller. Then the material is magnetized, laminated with vinyl or adhesive, and cut to a certain size. Since the adhesive is flexible, the material can be rolled up. , Compounded with rubber, resin and other materials.

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Application of flexible magnet

Flexible magnet materials have a wide range of uses and can be adhered to multiple objects and multiple surfaces. These bendable magnets are not as durable as solid solid magnets. But they provide a lightweight option that can be cut into various shapes and used in a wide range of applications in factories, schools, homes and businesses.

It can be used in cabinet doors, door and window sealing strips, such as refrigerator doors and other micro-magnetic automatic adsorption scenes.

Vehicle car magnets, car signs, magnetic signs and display signs.

Advertising magnetic panels, magnetic maps, charts, music boards, display stands and other visual aids.

Magnetic signs,  fridge magnets,business cards, message boards, shelf labels and other label applications.

Magnetic covers, electromagnetic gaskets, micro-motors, disinfection cupboards, toys, stationery and other applications in magnetic labels.

They are light, flat, easy to print and easy to cut with scissors, knives or molds. In addition, they are ideal for advertising featured products and lightweight holding applications.

Flexible magnets are affected by temperature

Decrease linearly with temperature. Since the limiting factor of ferrite flexible rubber magnets is the adhesive material used to make it flexible, the maximum operating temperature is 100ºC. Vinyl adhesives used for ferrite flexible rubber magnet may degrade above this temperature, and it is best to use such materials at ambient temperature. Flexible magnets can be used in cold and hot climates. The adhesive material must be stored in a cool environment to avoid deterioration of the adhesive.


Before ordering production quantities, the adhesive should be tested on the actual substrate to ensure proper bonding can be made.

Our ferrite flexible rubber magnet can be coiled to 1/4" radius without breaking. There are "Isotropic" and "Anisotropic" in the flexible rubber magnet. The Isotropic rubber magnet normally is to be magnetized with multipoles magnetization on one side only and the Anisotorpic one has magnetics on both side. Based on customer's demand, the rubber magnets can be laminated by colorful PVC, adhesive tape or colorful printing. The attractive face is treated with UV coating which can protect the products surface. We also can supply. Magnetic Paper " for A4 size, which made from rubber magnets and laser paper. The thickness just has 0.3mm which can be printed by any printing machine!

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