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Sintered NdFeb Machining Features and Processes
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Sintered NdFeb Machining Features and Processes

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-28      Origin: Site


High Hardness: Sintered NdFeB magnets have high hardness, typically above HRA80 and can even reach HRA90.  This makes them highly resistant to mechanical cutting.


Brittleness: Sintered NdFeB magnets are brittle materials and are prone to cracking or fracturing.  It is necessary to avoid excessive impact and stress concentration during the machining process.


Dust: Machining sintered NdFeB magnets generates a large amount of fine metal dust, which can be hazardous to the operator's health.  Therefore, appropriate safety measures need to be taken.



Preparation: Preparatory work is carried out before machining.  This includes selecting appropriate cutting tools and cutting fluids, as well as ensuring the stability of the machine tool and fixtures.


Rough Machining: Rough machining involves sawing or milling the sintered NdFeB magnet to achieve dimensions close to the final size.  This step aims to quickly remove excess material and reduce subsequent machining workload.


Finish Machining: Finish machining is the process of machining the magnet to its final dimensions and shape.  This includes processes such as grinding, turning, and drilling.  Proper tool selection and cutting parameters are important to ensure machining quality and avoid magnet cracking.


Surface Treatment: Machined sintered NdFeB magnets usually require surface treatment to improve their corrosion resistance and appearance.  Common surface treatment methods include coating (such as nickel, epoxy, etc.) and phosphating.


Inspection and Quality Control: After machining, the magnet needs to undergo inspection and quality control.  This includes testing dimensions, shape, and magnetic properties to ensure compliance with specified standards.

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