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Sintered NdFeB

Sintered NdFeB
  • Sintered NdFeb Machining Features and Processes


    Characteristics:High Hardness: Sintered NdFeB magnets have high hardness, typically above HRA80 and can even reach HRA90. This makes them highly resistant to mechanical cutting. Brittleness: Sintered NdFeB magnets are brittle materials and are prone to cracking or fracturing. It is necessary to av... Read More
  • What external factors will affect the tensile strength of the magnet?


    What external factors will affect the tensile strength of the magnet? The material of the attracted object Relative contact area Surface condition and finish The influence of magnet attraction and distance Operating temperature Read More
  • How are magnets made?


    The magnets we know are divided into permanent magnets and non-permanent magnets. The permanent magnet itself can also be a natural product, or it can be manufactured artificially. Magnets have a very peculiar function. It can attract materials such as iron and nickel. It plays a very important role in industrial society. The earliest words people use are dug out from nature, but the magnetism of that kind of magnet is very weak and the magnetism is not stable enough. On the basis of this time, a magnet was made by groping step by step. Do you know how magnets are made? Read More
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