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Basic Information About Neodymium Permanent and How to Buy
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Basic Information About Neodymium Permanent and How to Buy

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-21      Origin: Site

Neodymium magnets are very strong permanent magnets, which is a part of the magnet family of rare-earth magnets. Also, they are known as:

  • NdFeB magnet

  • Neo magnet

  • NIB magnet

These magnets are composed of mainly Nd (Neodymium), Fe (Iron), and B (Boron).

Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co. Ltd. which is a China-based professional and high-tech company engaged in developing and manufacturing since 2000 rare earth magnet can offer you neodymium permanent magnet.

Why neodymium magnets are so strong?

Because of their high saturation magnetization and resistance to demagnetization, neodymium magnets are called strong magnet. One of the most significant advantages is that you may use a smaller NdFeB magnet to obtain the same result as any larger and less expensive magnet.

How long such neodymium magnets will last?

Usually, neodymium magnets may lose approximately less than 1% within 10 years of their flux density if their physical properties are allowed to remain intact, and not subjected to any demagnetizing influences.

What are the basic characteristics of neodymium magnets?

The following are a few basic characteristics of neodymium magnets:

  • They are generally far less subjected to chipping and cracking

  • They are less costly as compared to any other rare-earth magnets

  • More sensitive to temperature

The following are a few things that must be properly understood when you are buying such magnets on the market.

Grades of neodymium

You will find these magnets in the grades N35, N38, N38SH, N42, etc. and you must understand what this mean.

They are usually graded by what kind of material they are actually made of. As a thumb rule, if the number followed by the letter ‘N’ is higher then it will be considered as a higher grade that means it will be a stronger magnet.

The available highest grade of these neodymium magnets currently is N52. Also, any letter that follows the grade will refer to its temperature rating. If no letters are following the grade, then you must assume that the magnet is of standard temperature neodymium.

You will find the temperature ratings are mentioned as:

  • No letter

  • M

  • H

  • SH

  • UH

  • EH

You must refer to the specification of the neodymium magnet and find the temperature rating.

Specifications of Neodymium Magnets

To know the specification, you may refer to specification sheet provided by the supplier. You must know the following while buying them.

  1. Plating/coating

    To protect your magnet from any kind of corrosion they need to be coated. Many different coatings are provided and nickel is the most commonly preferred coating material. A few other options are:

    · Copper

    · Epoxy

    · Gold

    · Silver

    · Tin

    · Zinc

  2. Machining

    During machining, the magnets may generate heat, and if that is not controlled carefully, can demagnetize your magnet or may ignite it, which exposes toxic matter. So, avoid machining the magnet for machining.

  3. Demagnetization

    Usually, it is not easy to demagnetise them since they are rare earth magnets, however, in case they are heated above 80°C then they start losing the property. At 310°C get completely demagnetized.

  4. Strength

    You will find neodymium magnets more than 10 times stronger than ceramic magnets of the strongest variety.

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