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Application of Ndfeb magnet in automobile motor
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Application of Ndfeb magnet in automobile motor

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-24      Origin: Site

Did you know that Neodymium or NdFeB is the strongest permanent magnet you can ever find on the market? In this post, we explore the benefits and application of NdFeb magnet in the automobile motors industry and its significance in the electric vehicles manufacturing sector.


electric vehicles manufacturing sector


In electric vehicle manufacturing, NdFeB magnets are used to produce components for various safety systems. For instance, Electric Power Steering Systems (EPS), Anti-lock Braking systems (ABS), door lock systems, and seatbelt detection systems, all rely on electric motors with neodymium magnets.


What is NdFeB?

NdFeB magnet is a rare earth magnet. it's composed of three elements namely neodymium, iron, and boron. 


Application of NdFeB In The Automobile Motors: The Benefits

Here are some of the beneficial properties of Neodymium magnets that make them the most commonly used magnets in automobile motors:


Superior Magnetic Strength

NdFeB magnets have excellent magnetic strength making them a perfect choice for producing automobile motors with high magnetic fields for enhanced performance.


You must note that the strength of your NbFeb magnet depends on its size, shape, and grade.


High Energy Density

Did you know that Neodymium magnets can pull 1000 times their weight? It means small NedFeb magnets are capable of producing strong magnetic fields. So, you can produce automobile EPS and micro-motors with high power-to-weight ratios to achieve the desired performance and power efficiency.


Tolerance To Varying Temperatures

Neodymium magnets remain stable at different temperatures. High-grade NdFeB magnets such as the VH/AH series can operate up to temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. This property makes Neodymium magnets suitable for use in high-performance automobile motors.


Light In Weight & Corrosion Resistant

NdFeB magnets are light in weight with good corrosion resistance due to their special coating. Due to these reasons, they are suitable for producing automobile components that are compact, reliable, and long-lasting.


Application Versatility

Neodymium magnets can be machined in different shapes and sizes to suit different automotive micro-motors for different car automation systems. \5yapplication of NeFeb in automobile motor



NbFe magnets are resistant to demagnetization. Therefore, they will remain stable under different conditions for longer. Their durability makes them a perfect choice for use in automobiles where performance stability and durability are highly desirable.


Long Run Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to other permanent magnets, NbFeb remains the most expensive. In the long run, it is more affordable to produce small but potent automotive motors due to their high performance efficiency, and durability.


The Main Applications of NdFeB Magnet Motor in the Automotive Industry

Here are some of the main areas where NdFeB magnets are used in the automotive industry:


Electric Motors for Electric Power Steering Systems

In the automotive industry, NdFeB magnets in electric motors provides the power that Electric Power Steering systems need to efficiently operate.


EPS is a data-based driver-assist feature that makes car steering and maneuverability much easier, more precise, and safer for EMV owners.


To ensure high steering performance, high-grade sintered NdFeB magnets find their application in this area.


Electric Motors for Windows and Door Locks

This is yet another area of application of NeFeb in automobile motors. NdFeB magnets are used to design light, compact, and highly efficient electric motors that control both the vehicles' windows and door locks.


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

During an emergency stop, car wheels can lock up making it difficult for the driver to steer the vehicle.


So, an anti-lock braking system(ABS) smartly controls your wheels' rotation to prevent possible wheel locks during an emergency stop which can lead to skidding.


Neodymium magnets power the electric motors that drive the ABS. The system makes car steering possible and safe even after applying the emergency brakes.


Drivetrains of Electric and Hybrid Cars

In the drivetrains of both electric and hybrid cars, it is the electric motors that power the car wheels.


To achieve the desired compactness and high energy efficiency, NbFe magnets are key components in the production of these powerful and energy-efficient electric motors.


EV Charging Systems and Charging Connectors

Another application of NbFeB magnets within the automotive industry is in the manufacture of electric vehicle charging units and connectors.


The magnets ensure that EV batteries charge faster and more efficiently with no current or voltage fluctuations.


Regenerative Braking Systems in EVs

In electric vehicles, generative braking systems aid in transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy for battery storage. The NbFeB magnets make the energy conversion more efficient.


Regenerative Braking Systems in EVs


Electromagnetic Switches & Sensors

In the automotive industry, NbFeb magnets find application in designing compact, reliable, and energy-efficient electromagnetic switches and sensors. Examples of these components include

● Early brake light sensor

● Magnetic door sensor

● Fuel system sensor

● Car roof and window sensor

● Electromagnetic windshield wiper


Audio Speakers & Entertainment Systems

Because of the high magnetic strength of NdFeB magnets, automobile manufacturers use them to produce audio speakers with superior sound quality. This enhances the car entertainment experience.


Battery Management System

For an electric vehicle's battery to last longer and function at its best, its proper maintenance is key.


NbFeb magnets are used in some of the key components of the car battery management system.


Future of NdFeB Magnets In The Automotive Industry

According to a research report by Goldman Sachs, by 2035, electric vehicles will constitute almost 50% of global car sales. Based on the report, the future demand for more advanced motors to power electric vehicles will increase.


Therefore, the demand for neodymium magnets will be on the rise because the application of NeFeb in automobile motors will significantly increase.


Further, as the call for greener transportation continues and advancements in automotive technology move towards autonomous cars, demand for neodymium magnets will continue to grow.


Future research is needed to find sustainable and alternative magnetic components because rare earth materials, like neodymium magnets, are scarce.


Neodymium Magnets for Automotive Industry Application

If you are searching for high-grade neodymium permanent magnets for your wide range of automobile electric motors or micro-motor production, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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