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Why Sourcing Neodymium Magnets from China?
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Why Sourcing Neodymium Magnets from China?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-16      Origin: Site

Neodymium magnets, also known as rare earth magnets, have become an essential component in various industries, ranging from electronics and automotive to renewable energy and healthcare. With their exceptional magnetic properties, neodymium magnets have revolutionized modern technology.

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

When it comes to sourcing these magnets, China has emerged as the leading global supplier. In this article, we will explore the reasons why sourcing neodymium magnets from China is a favorable choice.

Advantages of Sourcing Neodymium Magnets from China

1. Abundant rare earth resources

The rare earth is an important part of the magnet. And China is the world's largest rare earth reserve and exporter, ranking first in the world. In 2020, China's rare earth supply will account for nearly 90% of the world.

2. Strong manufacturing strength

China's manufacturing industry plays a very important role in the world. Since the reform and opening up in the 1980s, China's manufacturing industry has been in a stage of continuous development and has become one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world. China's manufacturing industry has formed a complete industrial chain spanning multiple links such as raw material production, R&D and design, processing and manufacturing, and logistics and transportation.

3. Faster delivery time

China has a large population, sufficient supply of manpower and material resources, the delivery date is not easily affected by the internal and external environment, and the delivery speed can be guaranteed under various conditions.

4. Strict quality control

There is a complete quality inspection system. Before production, during production, and before shipment, there will be random inspections or full inspections by quality inspection personnel to ensure that high-quality products are provided.

5. Better service

Despite the time difference, Chinese salesmen will reply within 24 hours, and the average response time is about 2-4 hours. Whether it is pre-sales or after-sales, the salesman will do their best to help customers solve problems and find the most suitable magnet.

6. Accept customized service

Chinese magnet manufacturers accept customization of various magnets:

  1. In different shapes: like  block shape for electric vehicles, arc magnets for servo motor, ring magnets for speaker, disc magnet for packing manufacturing, custom magnet for magnetic material (magnetic Sweeper, etc.)

  2. In different sizes, large magnet, mini magnet and so on.

  3. In different colors, common sliver color, and black, colorful one.

We can recommend the most suitable magnets, such as magnet with high quality in high tech area, magnets can work at high temperature, magnet with high corrosion resistance, etc., all according to the customer's usage scenario.

All in all, by importing magnets from China, you can find the most suitable magnet for you at a lower cost.

China's role as a major supplier of neodymium magnets

With the advantages of rare earth resources, China has become the main producer of NdFeb magnetic materials in the world after global industrial transfer.

The global NdFeB magnetic material industry has undergone major adjustments in the industrial structure: in the 1980s and 1990s, when NdFeB magnetic materials were successfully mass-produced, the global production capacity was concentrated in Japan, Europe and the United States, especially Japan and the United States. Performance NdFeB magnet production technology, leading the world.

China has significant advantages in rare earth resources: the reserves rank first in the world. According to USGS data, the world's basic rare earth reserves are 120 million tons, and the reserves are ranked in order by China, Brazil, Russia, India, and Australia. Among them, China accounts for 37%. The product has reached more than 90%, and has the ability to supply large quantities of different types of rare earth products, known as the "Kingdom of Rare Earth". Such rich rare earth resources lay a solid foundation for the development of the downstream rare earth permanent magnet material industry in terms of raw material resources;

Industry development experience So far, there are only four major sintered NdFeB enterprises in overseas DM: Germany VAC, Japan's Hitachi Metals, TDK and Shin-Etsu Chemical.The industry is concentrated in China and Japan, and China has become the main producer of NdFeb magnetic materials in the world. In 2016, the global output of NdFeb permanent magnet materials was 132,800 tons, of which China's output was 112,300 tons, accounting for about 85%.

In the 21st century, on the one hand, China has developed rapidly in basic industries, and more importantly, on the other hand, with the advantages of rare earth resources and relatively low labor costs, China has continuously attracted orders for low-end magnetic materials. In China, due to China’s regulation of the rare earth industry, cracking down on “black rare earth” and setting quotas, the price of rare earth rose sharply in 2010-11. Overseas companies faced high raw material costs and raw material supply problems, and the industrial structure underwent major adjustments. Some high-end magnetic Material orders are gradually gathering domestically.

China Neodymium Magnets Factory

China Neodymium Magnets Factory

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