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ALNiCo Ring Magnet
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ALNiCo Ring Magnet

Alnico magnets offer the best temperature characteristics of any standard production magnet material available. They can be used for continuous duty applications where temperature extremes up to 930F can be expected. alnico magnet, alnico magnets, alnico bar magnet, alnico horseshoe magnet.
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Product Description


 According to different production processes, Sintered AlNiCo and Cast AlNiCo are divided.

The shape of the product is mostly round and square.

The casting process can be produced into different sizes and shapes;

Compared with casting process, sintered product is limited to small size, the blank size tolerance produced by it is better than that of casting product, the magnetic property is slightly lower than that of casting product, but the machinability is better.

In permanent magnetic materials, the cast al-Ni-Co permanent magnetic has the lowest reversible temperature coefficient, and the operating temperature can be as high as 600 degrees Celsius.

Al-ni-co permanent magnet products are widely used in various instruments and other applications.

The advantages of al-Ni-Co magnets are high remanence (up to 1.35t) and low temperature coefficient.

When the temperature coefficient is -0.02%/℃, the maximum operating temperature can reach about 520℃.

Disadvantages are very low coerce (usually less than 160kA/m) and nonlinear demagnetization curve.

So aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets, while easily magnetized, are also easily demagnetized.

Strong permanent magnets are used in many industrial and consumer products such as electric motors, guitar pickers, microphones, sensors, speakers, traveling wave tubes, cow magnet, and many others.

But now, rare earth magnets are being used in many products because these materials give a stronger magnetic field (Br) with a higher maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax), allowing the product to shrink in size.

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