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ALNiCo Disc Magnet
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ALNiCo Disc Magnet

AlNiCo magnets are characterized by excellent temperature stability and good resistance to demagnetization from vibration and shock.
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Product Description



Permanent magnet Alnico is an iron alloy, in addition to iron, aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co) and a small number of other magnetic enhancement components are added.

The English term "Alnico" is a combination of the element symbols of the three main additions.

The alloy was coercivity and at high Curie temperature.

The al - Ni - Co alloy is hard and brittle and cannot be cold worked, but must be made through a casting or Sintering process.

Aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloy can generate magnetic fields up to 0.15 Tesla.

An example of an intermediate anisotropic aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloy, alnico-6 consists of 8% Al, 16% Ni, 24% Co, 3% Cu, 1% Ti, and the rest is Fe.

The maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) of Alnico-6 was 3.9 Megagauss-Oesteds (MG·Oe), the remanent was 780 Oersted, the Curie temperature was 860 °C, and the maximum operating temperature was 525 °C.

In 1931, Mishima, a Japanese materials expert, discovered an aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloy (58% Fe, 30%Ni, 12%Al) with a very high level of coercion, twice as high as the best magnetic steel of the period.

[1] Prior to the discovery of rare earth magnets in the 1970s, aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloy was the strongest permanent magnet material.

铝镍钴(性能表) ALNICO Disc MAGNET-1


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