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Why Choose A Magnet Badge Than A Pin Badge?
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Why Choose A Magnet Badge Than A Pin Badge?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-14      Origin: Site

Why Choose A Magnet Badge Than A Pin Badge?

Because the magnetic badge is more convenient, more beautiful, more high-end, and no need to puncture the clothes. Pin badges can damage clothing and are not easy to wear.

With the development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to image shaping. So whether it is an enterprise or a school or a government agency. People will wear a name badge, which is like a second ID card, proving everyone's identity and uniqueness. When volunteers are involved to make things go smoothly, it is important to include them in the team. They should always be provided with personalized volunteer name tags to distinguish them from customers and identify them.We will compare magnetic badges and pins badges from the following points.

volunteer badges

According to price point

Pin badges at moderate prices. The materials are metal and plastic, high and low grade, quality and durability are closely related with price.

The price of magnet badges is a few cents higher than that of ordinary pin badges, and it is generally not damaged and can be used all the time.

Applicable scene

Pin badges and magnet badges are more applicable and can be used in general trade shows, volunteer activities, company and hotel staff badges, etc.

Some people will mention the lanyard badge. The lanyard badge is not suitable for some scenes. It does not have a high-end badge. Because it hangs for a long time, it will affect people's activities. For example, when you are dining, it may shake or even shake your chest. Stick with food.


Durability and ease of use

The biggest disadvantage of pins is that they are not durable and easy to bend. Especially when you wear a thick dress in winter, not only do you fail to insert the pins into the clothes, you may pierce your fingers when you apply force. And after inserting it, the needle must be stuck on the bayonet, which is not easy for thicker clothes. If the quality of the needle is average, the needle may have been deformed and bent at this time. With repeated use for a long time, the pins will become fragile. This problem does not exist with magnet badges. No matter what kind of clothes you are wearing, you can easily wear your name badge. It is also very friendly to elderly children. It is easy to use and will not damage your fingers and clothes.

The magnetic badge is very easy to remove and put on, especially for those who need to pass the card to verify the identity, it can be easily removed and worn, not only can quickly verify the identity without wasting time. When holding an event, in order to clarify the identity, the badge is usually distributed, but the use of the pin badge requires small wings and can damage clothing, which is difficult to be accepted by people. Many activities have now abandoned pin badges and adopted magnetic badges.

They will protect the clothing

The biggest pain point of pins is that they need to be pierced through the clothes. Especially for high-end clothes, it is maddening. Some soft fabrics such as silk cannot withstand heavier badges, and the badges will sag, affecting the look and feel. Time will deform clothes. The magnetic name badge holder  not only do not have these problems, they can deal with clothes of any material including leather, and the appearance is more fashionable and can be maintained for a longer time.

pin badges

They are more durable

With its sturdy structure and design, the magnetic badge holder is hardly susceptible to damage. Once the pins or clips on other types of badge holders are damaged, it is usually necessary to completely replace the badge holders. This problem is worth noting, because as time passes, the pins gradually rust, which is much more common than you think. Looking at this issue from a long-term perspective, magnetic support badge holders may be a better overall investment for organizations of all sizes.

More humane

Compared with traditional documents, magnetic badge holders have less possibility of skin irritation and a safer structure, so they have obvious advantages. It is easy to wear and can be worn in any position you like. It does not have to be like a pin badge. After the first wear, you must figure out which position it will be, and then pass through the hole every time to avoid leaving it on the clothes More holes. For some clothes, you may not need to wear a breastplate, but the cloth will become rough or even brushed when the pin passes through for a while, which is very eye-catching.

They look more professional

The magnetic document holder is made of galvanized steel, which looks more refined and high-end compared with pins. The pin's stress point is relatively small, and the display effect after wearing is not as good as the magnetic badge. The sturdy magnetic badge can create a more professional image for your organization and stand out significantly.

Also has more interesting features

You can also use our custom magnetic badges as jacket badges or add them to other accessories to personalize your clothing. Another great way to show off your brand or personal expression on clothes or accessories is to use our custom patch, which can be ironed or sewn onto fabric clothes and accessories.

diy badges

Magnet badges have many benefits and will not damage suits or clothes. They are perfect for the identification of visitors, employees and other frequent wearers. However, due to the characteristics of magnets, it is forbidden to wear cardiac pacemakers.

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