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What is magnetized water?
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What is magnetized water?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-26      Origin: Site

When ordinary water with a certain flow rate, along the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field line, through a certain strength of the magnetic field, water cut the magnetic field line, ordinary water will become magnetized water.

It has been proved by scientific experiments that the water after magnetic field action is high-energy active small molecule water. The dissolved oxygen, enzyme activity and permeability of biofilm were significantly improved. Its electrical conductivity, salt content, adsorption and dissolution capacity have also changed. Therefore, magnetized water has a variety of magical efficacy, health care and disease treatment of the human body is very effective, in industry, agriculture and medicine as well as daily life and other fields are also widely used.

What is magnetized water

  1. In industry: many chemical plants use magnetized water to speed up chemical reactions and increase output. The construction industry uses magnetized water to mix concrete, which greatly improves the strength of concrete. Textile mills use magnetized water for bleaching, printing and dyeing factories use magnetized water for color mixing, which have achieved good economic benefits.

  2. In agriculture: with magnetized water soaking seedlings, can make seeds budding fast, high germination rate, seedlings with plant height, stem diameter, root length and other advantages; Irrigation with magnetized water can make the soil loose, accelerate the decomposition of organic fertilizer, promote crop growth.

  3. In medical treatment, magnetized water can not only kill a variety of bacteria and viruses, but also treat a variety of diseases, such as stomach diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and colds.

  4. In daily life: use magnetized detergent solution to wash clothes, you can wash clothes cleaner. Interestingly, the washing effect of magnetized water alone without washing powder is also very satisfactory.

But if magnetization technology is used in the wrong place, it can cause unexpected harm. Because magnetized water also promotes the free action of calcium ions and promotes the loosening of calcium crystals, it will take away the calcium of the human body, resulting in nutrient loss, leading to osteoporosis, gastrointestinal dysfunction and so on. It will have different effects for different people, so we should use magnetized water correctly.

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