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What are the daily applications of magnets
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What are the daily applications of magnets

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-13      Origin: Site

The best answer magnets in life are magnetic tool pendant, magnetic clutch for handbag, magnetic strip for refrigerator door, compass, magnetic stationery box, magnetic blackboard, magnetic badge, etc.

1. Magnetic Tool Pendant: magnetic tool pendant can be used to hang iron items, such as key chains.

Magnetic Tool Pendant 1  Magnetic Tool Pendant 2

2. Handbag Magnetic Buckle: the opening of the handbag will be equipped with a magnetic buckle for the switch.

Handbag Magnetic Buckle 1  Handbag Magnetic Buckle 2  Handbag Magnetic Buckle 3

3. Refrigerator Door Magnetic strip: refrigerator door installed on the magnetic strip can be the refrigerator door and refrigerator body closely connected.

Refrigerator Door Magnetic strip

4. Compass: the middle point of the bar magnet suspended with a thin wire, at rest, its two ends will each point to the south and north of the earth, the end pointing north is called the North Pole or N Pole, the end pointing south is the guide pole or S Pole.

Compass 1  Compass 2

5. Magnetic Stationery Box: stationery box is a box used by students to contain pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and other stationery. There are many kinds of texture, generally wood, iron, plastic and other products, different shapes, mostly rectangular shape.

Magnetic Stationery Box

6. Magnetic Blackboard: magnetic blackboard generally made of wood or frosted glass, etc., lined with magnetic strips inside the blackboard, or attached to the surface magnetic particles.

Magnetic Blackboard 1  Magnetic Blackboard 2

7. Magnetic Badge: when using, please remove the magnet behind, placed on the inside of the clothes, while the card surface placed to the corresponding position on the outside of the clothes, so that they naturally absorb.

Magnetic Badge 1  Magnetic Badge 2

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