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The daily precautions of powerful magnet
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The daily precautions of powerful magnet

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-17      Origin: Site

The most widely used NdFeb magnet in practical application is NdFeb magnet, which has good performance. Today, we introduce the daily precautions of powerful magnet.

1. Gaskets should be used as far as possible.

Some magnets are very strong (such as strong magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, etc.), so avoid two magnets coming together. If the two magnets meet together, it may be dangerous to you, it may also lead to the collision of two magnets broken scrap. The use of spacers can prevent all kinds of accidents. It's also handy when you need to use magnets.

2. Pay attention to environmental hygiene.

  • Indoor environment

In general, when the NdFeb magnet is stored, it is necessary to keep the indoor ventilation and dry as far as possible, otherwise the humid environment is very easy to make the magnet rust. And the ambient temperature should not exceed the operating temperature of the magnet.

If there is no electroplating products in the storage of appropriate oil rust prevention, and magnetized products must be stored away from disks, magnetic cards, tapes, computer monitors, watches and other objects sensitive to the magnetic field.

  • The working environment

First of all, when using NdFeb magnets, we must pay attention to ensure that the environment around the magnet is very good. Now NdFeb magnets still have great potential for development in the market and are widely used. In the work should pay attention to is neat, clean, because it is very easy to adsorb iron filings and other magnetic small particles and then affect the use of.

3. Should be placed in the wood or plastic plate workbench.

If it is made of iron, the table may lead to a magnet together and can not be pulled out of the situation.

4. Iron tools should be kept away from magnets

The magnet strongly attracts all kinds of iron parts. The iron parts tool should be placed far away from the magnet to avoid all kinds of accidents.

5. Keep a safe distance between the two magnets

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