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Storage Temperature of Neodymium Magnet
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Storage Temperature of Neodymium Magnet

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: Site

Neodymium magnet, also known as neodymium iron boron powerful magnet (rare earth magnet), today's question is what is the temperature at which neodymium magnet loses its magnetism? What is the temperature at which magnetism completely disappears?

The temperature difference between magnets of different materials to keep the magnetism is large. The standard N-series neodymium magnet can withstand 80 C, and will begin to decrease at 80 C. If the magnet returns to room temperature soon, its full magnetism will be restored. However, if the temperature is above 80 C for a long time, the magnetism may be permanently lost.

The limiting operating temperature of N series NdFeB products is 80~180 C, and the permanent loss of magnetism temperature is 310 C, which is the Curie temperature of N35 NdFeB magnets.

In normal temperature, magnetic force may also disappear.

  1. Subjected to severe impact

  2. Put in a strong magnetic field

Demagnetization is a gradual process, and Curie temperature refers to the complete loss of magnetism when reaching this temperature.

The above is an introduction to the temperature at which neodymium magnet loses its magnetism. When the magnet reaches or approaches the maximum operating temperature, demagnetization will occur.

Ps: The shape of the neodymium magnet will also directly affect how much heat it can withstand. Generally speaking, thin magnets are easier to be heated than thick and large magnets.

Magnets lose their magnetism at high temperatures.

It's just that different materials have different temperature resistance, and Curie temperature is also different.

  • Ferrite temperature resistance of about 80 C, Curie temperature 320-465.

  • NdFeB temperature resistance 81-100-120-150-180-200 Curie temperature 320.

  • The Curie temperature of ferrite is 465 C.

  • The Curie temperature of NdFeB is 310 C.

  • The Curie temperature of AlNiCo is 800 C.

  • The Curie temperature of Samarium cobalt is 700-800 C.

  • Fe Cr Co Curie temperature 680C.

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