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NdFeB Magnet 7 Unusual Applications
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NdFeB Magnet 7 Unusual Applications

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-10      Origin: Site

NdFeB magnet is a rare earth magnet that can be seen in many everyday items including headphones, voice coil motors, guitars, speakers, cordless tools, and even hybrid cars. Let's introduce seven unusual applications of NdFeB magnets.

1. Magnetic puller

Pull the bait plate is divided into single magnetic and full magnetic, full magnetic is the whole disk with magnetic force, it will be more convenient to use, is the most common bait plate on the market. Buy full magnetic pull bait plate, some products will be labeled "NdfeB strong magnetic" and n35, n40, n52 words. The magnetic force of NdFeB is the strongest among all magnets, and the numbers such as n35 and n40 are the brands of NdFeB strong magnetic force, representing the strength of magnetic force. The larger the number, the stronger the magnetic force.

2. Magnetic scrubber

Permanent magnets are widely used in aquarium cleaners because you no longer have to empty the tank or touch the water. This also applies to large glass doors or glass Windows in narrow shapes.

3. Magnetic stress relief pen

Magnetic stress reliever pens are popular stationery and stress reliever toys these days. It is composed of NdFeB magnets, which can change the shape of different combinations using the principle of magnet attraction.

4. Magnetic beer opener

There is a piece of NdFeB magnet above the bottle opener, one second to open the lid, open the lid can be adsorbed, convenient recycling.

5. Magnetic door curtains

Summer in order to effectively reduce mosquitoes fly into the room, the appearance of magnetic curtain effectively solve this problem, and installation is simple, beautiful appearance. The mainstream magnetic curtain used by the magnet is probably three kinds: rubber soft magnetic, NdFeB magnet, ferrite magnet, according to the different design of the use of different, if the top of the curtain will automatically adsorption or the middle of the curtain manual close adsorption, generally with NdFeB magnet.

6. Magnetic data cable

Magnetic line in the process of use is relatively easy, it is fixed on the top of the magnet, the other end is also fixed magnetic material, as long as the two ends close, you can achieve the suction charge. Generally use NdFeB (permanent magnet) material, magnetic force never decay.

7. Magnetic hangers

Instead of the traditional hanger hook design, a powerful magnet is integrated into the top of the hanger, which realizes the function of the hanger, but also makes its shape extremely simple. Plus, since the magnets in any two hangers repel each other, they'll always be kept apart, saving you the trouble of sorting.

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