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Magnet in Rare earth permanent magnet motor
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Magnet in Rare earth permanent magnet motor

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-10      Origin: Site

The excellent performance of NdFeB permanent magnet has revolutionized the whole motor field. Rare earth permanent magnet motors will be the ultimate trend.Among all kinds of wind turbines currently equipped, permanent magnet wind turbines can improve the efficiency of wind power generation to more than 85%.Compared with the traditional gearbox, the annual cost of permanent magnet direct drive unit is slightly higher, but the power generation can be increased by 3-5%, the low voltage crossing ability is strong, and the grid connection is relatively easy. Moreover, the permanent magnet direct drive unit has fewer failures and the maintenance cost is 20% lower than the traditional gearbox.

The main phase of sintered NdFeB alloy is intermetallic compound Nd2Fe14B, whose saturation magnetic polarization (Js) is 1.6T. Since sintered NdFeB permanent magnet alloy is composed of the main phase Nd2Fe14B and grain boundary phase, and the grain orientation of Nd2Fe14B is limited by technological conditions, the current remanence can reach 1.5T.

The demagnetization curve of NdFeB at room temperature resembles a straight line. Therefore, in the design of permanent magnet motor, in order to obtain a higher air gap magnetic density, usually choose high grade NdFeB magnet. When the motor is running, due to the existence of alternating demagnetization and instantaneous large current demagnetization caused by load mutation, it is required to choose the neodymium iron boron magnet with sufficient coercivity.

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