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How to use magnets to play games with children?
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How to use magnets to play games with children?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-25      Origin: Site

Use simple magnets to make interesting toys with children, which not only activates the hands and brain, but also has a lot of fun. The following interesting homemade games are available for reference.

Walk the maze

First draw a maze map, place it on a table that is not too thick, put a standing figure or other toy instead of the figure, stick a magnet on the figure, and put the other magnet in your hand under the table. Begin to use magnetic attraction to let the villain walk through the maze and see who gets out of the maze first.

Retrieve paperclip

Take out the back ear needles without turning the bottle upside down. Suitable for young children. Develop patience and hand coordination.

Magnetic puzzle

With this simple magnet crafting technique, keep the kids busy and bid farewell to the lost puzzle! Materials needed: weak magnetic disk magnet or square magnet, hot glue gun and magnet with adhesive. Just stick a magnet on each puzzle, and then wait for it to dry, then you can use the magnet to stick to a magnetic surface or metal surface. Not only can you play on the sofa but also puzzle on the wall.

Magnet with 3M adhesive-4

Magnetic paint activity 

Although it may be a bit confusing, this magnetic painting activity will allow your child to make works worth seeing like a refrigerator, and you want to show these works throughout the summer. Just plan to take a shower after the event! It is important to have adult supervision during the entire activity, because these magnets are very strong, and you should make sure to keep the magnets far enough from the bottom of the shoe box to avoid pinching your fingers!

First, you need to cut some white paper to fit the bottom of the shoe box. Then, put a few drops of paint of different colors on white paper. Put the slightly bent paper clip into the box. Help your child move a magnet under the shoe box to move the paperclip in the box. This will spread the paint on the white paper, creating a unique artwork!

Magnet fishing

A fishing rod is made of plastic, and a small magnet is hung. The fish pond can be a box ring or a swimming pool at home. Fish can be made of plastic bottle caps with a little bit of metal material or magnets or toys at home. Use an magnetic pushpins or a magnet with a hole or a counterbore magnet. Tie one end of it with a rope, and stick the toy at home with magnets or small metals. If you bring your own metal parts, you don’t need it. You can play fishing at home!

 magnetic pushpins

DIY magnetic galaxy

Use magnets to make DIY galaxies. Print or draw images from the solar system-such as the moon, sun and planets-on a whiteboard or wall! Then, use the name tag of each magnet so that your child will place the magnet identification tag on the correct space object. If the incision is anatomically correct, add points!

Magnetic pen

By using some ring magnets, you will be able to create a magical rotating pen. Children will love it because they seem to see the pen rotate by itself, but you will like to explain to them how magnetism works through this experiment.

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