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How to decorate Christmas with magnets?
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How to decorate Christmas with magnets?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-11      Origin: Site

Magnetic window hooks

Fix the Christmas wreath with a magnet. If there are metal materials on the wall surface that can be attracted by the magnet, it will be very easy and simple. Just attach the Magnetic window hooks to it, and the wreath can be hung on it easily. The hooks of Magnetic window hooks can be rotated 360 degrees to ensure that your Christmas wreath will never be crooked.

Christmas wreath

If your wall can't attract magnets, you can use our self-adhesive magnets. If you want to hang it on your window or glass door, you can use two magnets, which are attached to both sides of the glass, so that you can easily use it. Pay attention to the weight of your wreath before installation to ensure that the Magnetic window hooks you buy can bear the weight of the Christmas wreath. Be careful that the magnet is clamped during installation.

If you want to decorate your house with colorful lights, you can also use Magnetic window hooks. As long as you can ensure that Magnetic window hooks can be attached to your house, you don't have to worry about installing them every year. If you are worried that Magnetic window hooks hanging lanterns will slip off, you can use carabiner hook magnets or magnetic clip to hang Christmas lights. Using magnets to hang the lights, you can rest assured that the magnets will not fall, and only when the magnets are pulled in a parallel direction will they slide, and the buttons can rotate 360°. So there is no need to worry about the magnet falling off due to the wind blowing. And the carabiner magnet falling is not as safe as losing a nail.


For interior decoration, there is no need to stick tape or nails everywhere to hang ribbons and decorations. Use Magnetic hooks to hang beautiful and safe. You can also hang Christmas stockings. Adsorb it on iron objects such as doors and beds. Put it away when not in use, the magnetic force will not disappear, and you can use it at any time for decoration or life, and the effect will not be weakened.


We provide magnets in various colors and support customization. Fit your Christmas or festive decoration atmosphere of any type.

Christmas fridge magnet

Magnetic Christmas Tree, decorate every corner of your Christmas. What fun it is to decorate Christmas with children! Children’s handmade works can be attached to the back of the handmade works with magnets so that we can hang them all!

fridge magnet

Use magnet blocks and magnet balls to create a Christmas atmosphere in three minutes

Use magnetic magnet blocks and magnet balls to give full play to your imagination and hands-on ability, any assembly method, you can have a unique Christmas decoration, very cool. It is also very cute to hang small ornaments made by neocube ball magnets on the Christmas tree.



The Christmas decorations above are creatively assembled from magnet blocks and magnet balls of different sizes and colors.

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