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How does maglev work?
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How does maglev work?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-25      Origin: Site

The maglev train explores a personalized and intelligent mode of transportation. The track does not touch the vehicle. It not only runs at a very fast speed, which can exceed 500 km/h, but also has no noise and does not emit harmful waste gas, which is conducive to environmental protection. 

So how does maglev work?

Maglev train is the use of magnets "the same poles repel, different poles attract" nature, so that the magnet to resist gravity, so that the train completely off the track and suspended driving. Trains do not rely on wheels to travel, friction is reduced, only the motor drive can run. The magnetic field generated by the track is in the opposite direction of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet on the train, thus creating a repulsive force. When the upward support is balanced by the gravity of the vehicle, the magnet of the maglev train repels the track and remains suspended in the notch center line, the train floats in the air.

Maglev trains are less affected by terrain factors, flexible application mode, and extremely low noise, both speed and comfort are superior.

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