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Fishing magnet-what a fun magnet !
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Fishing magnet-what a fun magnet !

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What is a fishing magnet


Fishing Magnet also called Magnet fishing,magnetic fishing. Is searching in outdoor waters for ferromagnetic objects available to pull with a strong neodymium magnet.


People have been enjoying the excitement of treasure hunting for a long time. Nowadays, many people are taking treasure hunting as an enjoyable hobby, which is interesting for people of all ages.


Magnet fishing is not a magnetic fishing toy you might think of. Magnet fishing refers to the use of strong magnets to find ferromagnetic objects in outdoor water. Similar to metal detection, objects can be found on land using metal detectors. Magnet fishing is not only a wonderful hobby, but also helps to clean different bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and streams.


Homemade fishing magnet


Magnet fishing is similar to a fishing place where you should prepare hooks, fishing lines and sinkers. You need a strong magnet because you are hooks and sinkers, and a nylon rope is used as your fishing line to connect to the fish magnet.


After a lot of patience and curiosity, fishing magnets are very important to increase the chance of finding metal, therefore, pot magnets are considered a wise choice. Push the ring screw directly into the hole of the pot magnet, screw the ring nut onto the screw, and the nylon rope can be firmly tied to the ring.


You can also tie multiple magnets to the rope to become a high-strength fishing magnet.


Directly tied to a rope, eyelet magnets can be used for fishing with magnets.


fishing magnetfishing magnet

You can easily screw a suitable threaded eyelet into pot magnets with a screw socket and pot magnets with an internal thread and attach a nylon rope.


Connected with a screw: Pot magnets with counterbore screw-on or Pot magnets with cylindrical borehole screw-on

Threaded or fastened with a nut: Pot magnets with threaded stud.


A pot magnet is a magnet that has been embedded in a steel pot. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnet when making direct contact with a thick iron surface. In contrast, neodymium magnets without pots have a stronger adhesive force at a distance. 




Please conduct magnet fishing activities in areas permitted by law.


If you expose the neodymium magnet to water repeatedly without protection, it will eventually start to rust. Therefore, the magnet should be thoroughly dried after each use. You can also treat the magnet with waterproof paint to provide some protection.


To prevent the magnet from cracking due to impact, you can carry tape or plastic bag to wrap the magnet.

Be careful not to pinch your hands when using magnets.

The fishing magnet is equipped with a nylon rope. You need to fasten it firmly to the ring of the magnet, otherwise the magnet may fall into the water.


Fishing Magnet at BESTWAY MAGNET has a variety of these for sale specifically designed for the avid magnetic fisherman. Our fishing magnets have a wide range of pulling force, and the fishing magnet grades available are N35 to N52, which can easily reach 300 lb pull to meet the needs of different people. Our ferrite ring magnets have anti-rust performance, so you don't have to worry about the rust and rot after the magnet is used. And we support customization!

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