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Disc Magnet with Mark
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Disc Magnet with Mark

Package industry, Jewelry, shoes, clothes, leather sheath,handbag,phone case, Electronic products case, suitcase, keyboard, watch, machine, wallet, computer bag, led industry, magnetic phone holder, poster board,door lock
1. Be careful fragile and clip hand.
2. Placed in a dry place, stored at room temperature!
3. Careful draw them, close each other slowly and gently when connecting two magnets. Hard crushing cause magnet damage and cracks. 4. Not allowed Children play with naked neodymium magnet.
Type of coating:
  • BWND

  • BMAG

  • 8505111000

Product Description

Disc Magnet with Mark

With a sintered ndfeb Japan, Germany, the European Union in the patent technologies such as the thawing, our country each big sintering factory of collaborative efforts, sintered ndfeb improve the product grade. As a high-tech applications for its comprehensive performance of the constantly improve, the requirements of the surface treatment of sintered ndfeb also greatly increased, the traditional processing method has been unable to meet the requirements of industrial progress. Electronic science and technology university, sichuan, jiaotong university, red rice and other scientific research institutions, from the microscopic molecular structure, essentially perfect surface treatment principle and industrial application technology development, after four years of hard work and the key technology breakthrough. Nanometer claw (3010)

There is no coating treatment for the composite film, and this technology is an original technological process. The active groups contained in the nano film layer have strong resistance to moisture, oxygen, chlorine ion (Cl), carbon dioxide (CO2), etc. The corrosion resistance and bonding ability of organic resin have been greatly improved. Its excellent surface physical and chemical properties will have a significant impact on the application field.

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Magnetic direction

magnetic direction


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