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Could Ndfeb Strong Magnet Be Exported By Air?
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Could Ndfeb Strong Magnet Be Exported By Air?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-03      Origin: Site

Could Ndfeb Strong Magnet Be Exported By Air?

Yes, the Ndfeb strong magnets can be exported by air,

But the magnetic fields interfere with aircraft navigation systems and control signals, so international air transport authorities impose restrictions when transporting magnetic cargo. Now the air cargo with magnetic need to carry out magnetic detection, in order to ensure the normal operation of the aircraft. After the magnetic inspection meets the air standards, it can be transported.

And in the process of packaging, the magnetic goods need to be degaussed. The demagnetization here does not make the magnet without magnetic, but through special shielding packaging, so that the magnetic display of the package can meet the requirements of aviation safety transportation stipulated by the state. Ensure that the magnetic field intensity measured 4.6 m (15 ft) from the surface of the package does not exceed 0.418A/m (0.00525 Gauss) before shipment.

How Should Ndfeb Strong Magnet Be Packaged For Air Export?

The outlet of NdFeb magnet is usually used for the export of the special 8-hole foam box to place the magnet, the 6 faces of the foam box with iron sheet shield magnet magnetic field. Generally, the weight of a set of magnetic insulation board will reach about 2kg, magnetic insulation effect is also very good, suitable for ordinary magnets and small size magnets of normal packaging.

For larger size magnets with stronger power, we recommended wooden case packing.

For smaller samples, foam can be used directly to isolate the magnetic field, which will cost less freight.

Could NdFeb strong magnet be exported by air

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