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Are there any precautions for magnets in international transportation?
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Are there any precautions for magnets in international transportation?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-17      Origin: Site

What should magnets pay attention to when transporting?

1.When transporting magnets, it is important to keep the transportation environment dry and avoid storing them in areas with high humidity.


2.The temperature during transportation must not be too high. Magnets generally experience demagnetization when they exceed 80 degrees. Therefore, during transportation, it is advisable to maintain the temperature at room temperature as much as possible.


BMAG Magnet

BMAG Magnet


3.When transporting magnets, moisture-proof treatment can be carried out to avoid oxidation and corrosion. Non electroplated rough products can be coated with some rust resistant engine oil on the surface of the magnet, which can effectively prevent the magnet from rusting; Electroplated products should be transported under vacuum to prevent rusting of the plating layer.


4.Magnets should be transported to avoid prolonged vibration and strong magnetic fields. They should be isolated from other items and prohibited from being mixed with magnetic media, biological products, drugs, flammable and explosive materials for transportation. During the transportation process, operators should also try to handle it with care.


How to protect magnets during transportation?

Magnets can be sent by international express delivery or air freight. In order to meet the above international express/air cargo requirements, it is necessary to use special shielding packaging, so that the package display meets the specified air safety transport requirements.Shielding packaging usually uses high magnetic materials, such as cold-rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, etc.


If the amount of magnetic materials is large, several layers of packaging are required. Because this is a highly magnetic material, according to the principle of Faraday electric cage, the magnetic field after packaging is mainly circulated in the box, and very little leaks out. For international sea transportation with a large quantity and volume, wooden boxes can also be used for packaging.


Here attached our neutral packing for your reference:


BMAG Magnet


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